For your subscribers not to be taken by surprise when you issue the invoices to them, we have implemented a feature that you can notify them before the invoice is issued.

In the add recurrent or edit recurrent form, click on „Advanced settings” then check the box „Send notifications before the invoices are issued”, to activate it.

After checking the box, fill in the fields that open to set the notification details:

Do not forget to save!

Click here for more details about adding a new recurrent.

Click here for more details about automatically issuing invoices when running the recurrents.

The application allows you to activate the account activity report and the monthly total invoiced.

To activate, follow the steps:

Click on ‘Configurations’;

Then ‘Periodic reports’;

Here you can enable the periodic report that include detailed information about the activity of the users within this accountby clicking the box shown in the image.

Set the e-mail and the frequency.

Follow the same procedure with the Amounts invoiced Monthly report, except that in this case, we set the reporting period and the report creation day.

E.g. 1: if the reporting period is 1 month and the day is 10, then on February 10th you receive the report for January 1-31.

E.g. 2: if the period is 3 months and the day is 15th, then on 15th of April you get the report for the period January 1st – March 31st.

Do not forget to save!

You can define default settings and messages for sending documents by e-mail:

– if the invoice is due

– payment confirmation

– simple sending of the invoice

You can access the function from the ‘Configurations’ main menu, then from the ‘Notification settings’ submenu:

Each message can be configured in multiple languages and the language will be chosen according to the costumer origin country.


Some replacements will be made in the message text so you can customize your message with your data, invoice data, according to your client.

You can manually send a reminder message about a due invoice by e-mail, or you can set up the system to automatically send due invoices by email to clients.

Details of how you can manually send the message can be found here: how do I send an invoice by e-mail.

Automatically due invoices sending

From the ‘Configurations’ section, you can set up automatically sending due invoices by email.


You can set how many days before / after the due date to begin sending and if / how often to resubmit until the payment. You save much time because you no longer have to send manual notifications and your clients will pay faster because it will be impossible to overlook the invoices sent by you.


You can configure the message to be sent automatically. Read  more here.

An invoice can be sent very easily to the customer by e-mail. You can do it in several ways:

  1. from ‘Invoices’
  2. from the invoice details view page
  3. Downloading the invoice in PDF format and sending it using your favourite e-mail client (outlook, thunderbird, etc)

Invoices can also be sent automatically by email. More details about this feature can be found here: how to send due invoices by e-mail.

  1. Invoice sending from ‘Invoices’

From any invoicing list you can quickly send an invoice by email. In the ‘Invoices’, on the same line as the invoice number, at the end of it, you find the option to send the invoice by e-mail. If the invoice is already due, the reminder message will be used.


Or, you can select your wanted invoice, then click the ‘Send’ button, which will appear above the invoicing list after the selection:

  1. Invoice sending from details page

In the left menu, you can access the email features. Depending on the invoice status, you have:

  • payment reminder message — if the invoice is overdue
  • payment confirmation message — if the invoice is paid
  • simple invoice sending message

In all cases, the invoice will be attached to the email in PDF format.

  1. Invoices downloading (saving)

If you want to use your email client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail etc) to send an invoice, you can download it in PDF format on your computer from the invoice details page.

*Sending a set of invoices by e-mail*

To send multiple invoices at a later time, you can select all invoices by ticking ‘Invoice Date’ or one at a time, then you can download them using your email client or send them directly from the application, as shown in the picture below:

Use the invoicing filter to select the invoices you want (e.g., for a specific period or for a particular customer), then generate the report and download them in the formats in the image.


You can configure the messages that are used to email the invoice. Find out more here: how to define messages on e-mail sending.

There are multiple copies of your data security. Namely:

– Backups of all information on two different hardware systems, located in different data centers. These copies are updated periodically.

– Backups of documents on your e-mail: You can receive weekly or monthly zip archives with all the documents created or modified by you in the last time on your account at

*How to set up email -backup*

– Click the ‘Configurations’ menu at the top right, and then click on ‘Backup’.

– In the new open page, fill in the e-mail address you want to receive the zip archive and then select the interval you want to receive the documents (weekly or monthly).

– Do not forget to save.