If the invoices you send to your customers exceed the due date, you can use the automatic debt collection feature. For debt collection services we work with STRAETUS.

To subscribe to STRAETUS, click on the user icon, then ‘Integrated Services’ and choose ‘General Information’ or ‘Debt collection’ as shown below:

Once you click on the ‘Straetus Debt Collection’ button, a page will open in which you need to fill in contact details for your debt collector agent.

If you click on ‘Debt Collection’, the contact completion page will open directly for collaboration with your debt collector agent.

Once you have confirmed the activation of the debit collection service, a member of the STRAETUS team will contact you.

The first page that opens after you log in is ‘Home’. Here you see a list of the latest documents, broken down by category. Use tabs to browse through invoices, proforms, receipts, and notices. You can also see the situation over the past three months with regarding the invoiced amount, payments and overdue amount, as well as the total invoiced evolution and receipts over the past 6 months, grouped by week.


Sometimes, however, these lists are too long and take too long to find something. Under these circumstances, we advise you to use search options.

Only invoices issued by recurrents with penalty calculations will automatically contain penalties.

When issuing an invoice from a recurrent with penalties, the following invoices will generate penalties:

– all opened invoices

– all closed invoices for which a payment, or receipt has been registered for the period for which the invoice is issued

Other closed invoices *will not* incur penalties.

The reason for 2. is given by the following example:

* we assume the existence of subscription A

* Subscription A generated the F1 bill on January 1, due on January 15th

* F1 invoice was fully paid and closed on January 25th

* Subscription A will generate the F2 invoice on February 1 and will include penalties for the F1 invoice, 10 days delay for January 15-25 period.

To send an invoice to the debt collector agent (STRAETUS), there are two ways you can do this.

1 . From ‘Reports’ ‘Invoices’, to the right of the invoice you want to send to the debt collection, click on the button that represents a hammer.


2. Also from ‘Reports’ ‘Invoices’ click on the invoice number you want, and on the left-hand column click on ‘Debt collection’.

Once you select this option, the contact data register form of your debtor customer will appear.

Complete them, then click on ‘Send the invoice to the debt collector agent’ and the invoice reaches the STRAETUS team.