You can make an account for each business and link to each other so you can change your account (the company too) with a single click.
In the top right menu, click on ‘Switch account’

From here you can access accounts based on other users API keys. To add a new access, you will need to enter the user API key in the field that opens.

Click on ‘add access’ and done!

You can always upgrade to one of the paid subscriptions. The procedure is very simple and takes only two minutes, everything is done online.

To do this, follow the steps:

  • Choose from the ‘My Company’ main menu, then ‘ Subscription’
  • Choose your subscription type and payment interval
  • Confirm your acceptance of the contract after reviewing it



You will receive a copy of the contract by e-mail. It enters into force immediately, so you will have instant access to the facilities offered by your chosen subscription.
The invoice will be issued automatically on the 15th of the month.

The law says that all natural or legal persons engaged in income generating activities, are required to ensure an internal numbering system of financial accounting forms used. It must be done at the beginning of each financial year (which in Romania coincides with the beginning of the calendar year), you have to define a series for invoices, proforms and receipts that you will issue to your customers in that year.

The free subscription does not allow you to issue of more than 5 documents per month. Paid subscriptions allow you to exceed the number of documents included. The price for each document that exceeds the number of documents included is 1 leu.

If you exceed the number of documents, you will be immediately notified in the top of the pafe of the additional costs:

You can always check your current account status by going to ‘My company’ -> ‘ Subscription’


Regardless of the type of subscription paid to us, it is good to know that you can always go to the free subscription.

To do this, follow the steps in the following images:





Note! Once you switch to a free subscription, a number of services you receive under the paid subscription will be withdrawn. These are displayed in a window that opens immediately after you select ‘FREE’:

For more details on what’s included in the free subscription, click here.

When and how I get the invoice?

Invoices for the subscriptions are issued on the 15th, before the invoicing period. For example, if your subscription starts in January, your invoice will be issued on December 15th. If you exceed the number of documents included in the subscription, we will invoice them at the end of the month – but only after you have collected at least 20 RON invoiced.

Invoices are sent *exclusively by e-mail*.  Signing and stamping are no longer required so we do not send invoices by post – it is enough to print the invoice received by e-mail and you can enter it in the accounting.

How can I pay the invoice?

*The subscription can be paid by bank transfer to the account specified on the invoice.

What happens if I delay the payment ?

Read more details here.

Yes, you can exceed the number of users included in the subscription. In this case, you have two options:

– you pay 6 lei extra per month for each additional user or

– upgrade to a larger subscription that allows you more users

Find out here what you have to do to upgrade or downgrade your subscription.

If you have generated and accepted an adhesion agreement and in time your company data has changed, we suggest that you update the contract data by regenerating a new one by following the steps in the following images:

You can always quit your account at

To do this, follow the steps in the following pictures:

By pressing the ‘Close the account’ button and confirming the action, your account will be disabled. You will no longer receive any messages or notices.

You can always export the data associated with your account. To do this, follow the steps in the following pictures:

1. Click on your user icon, and fron the new-opened menu,  click on ‘User profile’ or ‘My company’


Then click on the ‘ Subscription’, where you will have the option ‘Export account data’

By pressing the ‘Export account data’ button and confirming the action, all data associated with your account will be exported in XML format to your e-mail address.