We offer you two layout options:

  • Default
  • Simplified dashboard (where are no graphics, no logs or statistics)

You can make the setting in ‘User profile’

Then ‘Preferences’ and from the ‘User Interface Layout’ you set the  option you want. Save by clicking ‘Update User’

The simplified dashboard will look like the image below:




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When and how do I get the invoice?

Invoices for the factureaza.ro subscriptions are issued on the 15th, before the invoicing period. For example, if your subscription starts in January, your invoice will be issued on December 15th. If you exceed the number of documents included in the subscription, we will invoice them at the end of the month – but only after you have collected at least 20 RON invoiced.

Invoices are sent *exclusively by e-mail*.  Signing and stamping are no longer required so we do not send invoices by post – it is enough to print the invoice received by e-mail and you can enter it in the accounting.

How can I pay the invoice?

*The subscription can be paid by bank transfer to the account specified on the invoice.

What happens if I delay the payment?

Read more details here.

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We know that it is very unpleasant to need to issue an invoice and you can not for various reasons. We do not want to add other reasons, so we are practicing a policy that we hope to reduce as much as possible the blocking of accounts for non-payment.

  • Invoices due term is 15 days
  • we notify you 3 days before the invoice becomes due so you have time to pay it in due time. We resend weekly notification until the invoice is paid.
  • if you do not pay an invoice, 7 days after due date you will not be able to add new invoices; you have access to any feature in the app
  • if you make the payment, you can enter it yourself and your account will automatically unlock; just follow the steps of the short-therm unlocking.

Note! If you are late for more than 20 days after the due date, your account will be blocked and you will only be able to access it after you have paid.


Do not forget  that you can pay your invoices also by  credit card. This way, you make the payment immediately and it will be registered automatically, so you do not have any interruptions.

You can access the online payment link, from the warning text.

Then ‘Pay online’ from the new opened window.

You can reach the online payment link from ‘My company’, then ‘factureaza.ro Subscription’.

Payment is fully secured through mobilpay.ro/ services, in the invoice currency. In the example below, in lei.

The first page that opens after you log in is ‘Home’. Here you see a list of the latest documents, broken down by category. Use tabs to browse through invoices, proforms, receipts, and notices. You can also see the situation over the past three months with regarding the invoiced amount, payments and overdue amount, as well as the total invoiced evolution and receipts over the past 6 months, grouped by week.

You can also see the situation over the last three months of invoiced, receivable and outstanding amount, as well as total invoiced revenue and earnings over the past 6 months, grouped by week.

Sometimes, however, these lists are too long and take too long to find something. Under these circumstances, we advise you to use search options.

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Here you find  the prices list.

Factureaza.ro is a subscription-based service. You only pay for how long you use the service. The invoice is issued monthly, or you can choose to pay in advance with the following discounts: You get a 10% discount for 12 months, 7.5% for 6 months and 5% for 3 months. Due to bank charges, the Basic subscription can not be paid monthly.

Can I change the type of the subscription?

Sure. Acces this link for details: How to change subscription type.


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There are two ways you can search for documents, products, customers in your account.

  1. ‘Quick search’:

Search for a document, a client, or a product by:

– the name of the client, product;

– document series (prefix, number, suffix), product code;

– the amount on the invoice

But if you need a complete search system with all the documents you’ve ever created, then:

  1. Use ‘Generate report’:

– Enter into the category of documents you are interested in (invoices, proforms, receipts, opinions), select the criteria that interests you and generate the report. The image below shows the invoices search criteria:

*There are also special reports that can be generated by accessing ‘Others’, then clicking on ‘Reports’

Special reports refer to client metrics and statistics, clients distribution by activity domain, clients distribution by turnover segment, clients distribution by employees count and Cashflow report. You can download the report in Excel format.



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To create an invoice and a receipt on the same sheet, follow the same steps as when you want to make an invoice (find out here how to add an invoice).

When you create the invoice, under the invoice fields, select ‘Template & Design’ as shown:

If you want to set this option by default, in ‘Configurations’, select ‘Templates’. Here click on the ‘invoice and receipt on the same sheet’ template:

Once you have completed the required invoice and receipt details, they will look like the following:

1. Click on ‘Products’ menu;

2. Click the blue ‘Export’ button and choose the format you prefer;

3. The application will automatically generate a file in the format you chose in step 2), a file containing the list of all the products registered in your account on factureaza.ro.

Similar steps are available for how to export a clients list.

1. Click on ‘Clients’ menu

2. Click on the blue ‘Export’ button and choose the format you prefer.

  1. The application will automatically generate a file in the format you chose in step 2), a file containing the list of all the clients registered in your account on factureaza.ro.

Similar steps are available for how do I export a product list also.

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Introducing a new product / service into the product list in your account on factureza.ro helps you add invoices faster and avoid possible mistakes more easily.

There are three ways to add a product:

  1. From the application home page, following the steps:

– Click ‘Products’ in the main horizontal menu.

– Click on ‘+ Add new product’ button;

– Complete the product or service data and remember to save.


– click on ‘+Add new product’ button;

– completes product or service data, and remember to save.

– From now on, whenever you issue an invoice or a proforma, you can select from the list, the product or service you sell; price fields and unit of measure will automatically populate into the invoice.

  1. From the invoice editing page, clicking the circle button in the image, after completing the fields in the invoice:

From the home page, access the ‘+ Add’ button, then click on ‘Product’. Fill in the fields as in the image shown in 1. and save.

Alternatively, find out here how to  import a products / services list.

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You have two options: either from the ‘Clients’ menu or directly from the page where you create a new document (invoice, proform, receipt or notice).

  1. Enter a new client from the ‘Clients’ menu:

– Click ‘Clients’ from the main horizontal menu.

– Click the ‘+ Add a client’ button

– fill in data and do not forget to save.

*Plus value:* after you gave completed the UID, click on the next field and  some of the client details will automatically complete from the Tax Payers data base.

  1. Enter a new customer from the page where you create a new document (take as example an invoice):

– Click ‘+ Add’ and then ‘Invoice’.

– Click ‘+ add new client’ button;

– Fill in the client data and remember to save (as in the picture above).

From the home page, access the ‘+ Add’ button, then click on ‘Client’. Fill in the fields as in the image shown in 1. and save.

Alternatively, find out here how to  import a clients list from your computer.

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On factureaza.ro you can directly import from  your computer a list of company’s products or services (valid for import clients list also) Follow a few simple steps:

  1. Click on ‘Products menu

2. Click the blue ‘Import’ button


3. Uploads the file in one of the supported formats: Excel (xls, xlsx), Open Office Calc (ods) or .csv, JSON, XML.

4. Click ‘Upload file’ to import your list of products or services into the company account on factureaza.ro.


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On factureaza.ro, you can import directly from your computer, a list of company’s clients (is also valid for import products or services list) Follow a few simple steps:

  1. Click the ‘Clients’ button

2. Click the ‘Import’ blue button

3. Load the file in one of the supported formats: Excel (xls, xlsx), CSV, XML, JSON

4. Click ‘Upload file’ to import your customer list into the company account on factureaza.ro.


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The new app, alongside other new features, also offers the possibility to change the interface by following the steps below.

Click on ‘User profile’, then ‘Preferences’:

After you click on ‘User interface theme’, the user interface change option appears. Here are two types of interface available:

  • Compact (condensed display)
  • Standard Theme for the User interface
  • Minimal (bare metal user interface)

The theme will also be set to a new login. The compact theme helps you get more comfortable with your new app, making it look like the old app.

Once you have selected the desired option, do not forget to save the information by clicking ‘Update user’.

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One of the biggest plus of the new application is the ability to use the application in English, so it becomes an application that everyone understands.

How can you do it?

Click on ‘User profile’, then ‘Preferences’.

In this window you have the option to select English, the default language being Romanian. English also remains set to a new login.


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Default values are parameters that, once predefined, allow you to send documents faster and easier, automating the process. So, instead of completing a range of fields by hand, whenever you issue a document, those fields will automatically populate for you. Follow the steps:

1. Click on ‘Configurations’, meniul ‘Default values’ and complete with relevant information

– Fill in the fields to set the invoicing default values and defaults for notes / explanations



Do not forget to save the information!

In some rare situations, documents (invoices, receipts, proforms, notices) do not appear correctly on some versions of the Mac OS – more specifically, characters are missing.

This happens only when a document is opened with Mac Preview – the problem does not appear on any other reader and on any other operating system.

In these cases, please download a free PDF reader from the Internet (a reader is a program for viewing documents in PDF format). For MacOS there are the following alternatives: Adobe Reader Skim or PDF View.

Using the alternate reader, you will be able to view without any problems any document issued through factureaza.ro.

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SSL is a cryptographic protocol that allows safe data transfer over the Internet. Read more here.

HTTPS is a secure communication protocol that uses an SSL stream to transfer data. An HTTPS connection is usually used to make online payments, Internet banking and other sensitive data transfers. Read more here.

Factureaza.ro uses HTTPS connections so that your data can be transmitted in maximum security.

More about data security here.

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