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How do I add an invoice?

Once you’ve already completed your business details, about the clients with whom you work and the products and services which you sell, it is very easy to add a new invoice.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click on ‘Add’ and select the document you need (in our case an invoice).

  1. Fill in the invoice details with the relevant details.

– do not forget to select the currency and the due date  (unless you have already set the default values and these data will automatically fill in)

  1. Save the invoice as a draft first, and after you make sure all the information is correct, save it as issued.

*Other important information:*

– your company data is automatically populated (find out here how you enter the company data)

– find out here how you add a new client or how to import a list of clients from your computer

– the invoice number will populate automatically after you define a series (find out here how you define an invoice series)

– you can describe the product or service manually or you can add a product or service from the product list on the computer (find out here how you add a new product /  a new service or how you import a product / services list from your computer)

– if at the  product description you select a product from your list of products, then the unit of measure and the price will be automatically filled

– find out here how you can add a discount.

– at notes, for example, you can write, ‘cf contract no. X from DD.MM.YYYY’

– find out here how you set the default values, to further automate the process of issuing a document (information such as due date, exchange rate, emitter, etc. to generate automatically whenever you issue a document; or how do you make a periodic invoice sent to the client on a regular basis).

– find out here how you change the invoice design / template.

Once you’ve verified that all information is correct, save the invoice as issued and send it to the customer by mail or fax; or you can print it.

Înapoi la listă Înapoi la listă