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How do I add new users?

You can have two types of users on your account at factureaza.ro:

– admins (with full rights);

users who can add work logs (which, as the name says, can only introduce hours worked on a particular project).

If you use the permissions system,  you can still have one type of user, namely:

– restricted users (which may be restricted access to one or more documents or to one or more document series).

*Important: the permission system only exists for Standard, Business, and Premium. Find out how to change your subscription.

How to add a new user:

– From ‘My company’ menu, then click on ‘Users and permission’;

– Click on ‘+Add user’ button;

– Fill in the user’s data in the relevant fields;

– Select ‘Work log access (can introduce only work logs)’ option, that the user only has the work log access.

–Leave the ‘Account Administrator’ option for the user to have restricted access (action possible only if you have enabled the permissions system).

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