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Non VAT-payer, I issue invoices in EU. How can I add VAT on intracommunity invoice?

Authorized persons or companies not registered for VAT purposes will use the VAT code of the Intra-Community Operators Register (IOR) when issuing intra-Community invoices. Read more here.

If you are in this situation, then go to the ‘Tax and fiscal Data’ on ‘My Company’ Menu and fill in as follows:

– write the CIF into the corresponding box (you will use it on your internal invoices);

– write the VAT code (RO followed by the number) into the appropriate box (you will use it on intra-Community invoices).

DON’T CHECK ‘VAT payer’ box.

You now have all the correct data so you can easily issue both internal invoices and intra-Community invoices.

So if you issue an invoice in Romania, you will select the CIF (and the invoice will not contain the VAT column).

If you issue an invoice in the EU, you will select the VAT code for intra-Community transactions, and in this case:

– the invoice will contain the VAT column;

– VAT is 0;

– in the ‘Notes’ box, should specify the reason why the transaction is exempt from VAT (for example, ‘Excluded under Art 143 lit b, c’ or which applies to you).

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